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HTML file for sample of page wrapping

Hello everybody .. this is a wrapped html file

check if it works :-)

TinyD can change the base of page wrapping.

You can see a gif image below this line
if you set this page wrapping as WRAP2(=content Base) or WRAP3(=mod_rewrite) or WRAP4(='src' or 'href' change) with success.

<img src="sample.gif" />

You see this link is relative from sample.html itself.

Of course, you can remove sample.html and sample.gif from content folder.
However, don't remove index.php in content folder.

Sample of relative link
Link to GIF
<a href="sample.gif">Link to GIF</a>

Sample of absolute link
<a href="http://www.peak.ne.jp/xoops/">PEAK XOOPS</a>

{X_SITEURL} will be converted to http://saintedwardcr.com/online

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